Apacs Virtuoso Pro 70 Badminton Strings Lime

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  • Properties:Throughout Tension Life, Hi-hitting sound, Hi-Repulsion Power, More durability
  • Process:Dipping Resin Coating
  • Material:Nylon multi filament
  • Construction:Special braided Structure
  • Max Tension:35Ibs

Apacs Virtuoso Pro 70 Strings are made from nylon multi filament. They are available in white, yellow and purple. These strings have a gauge size of 0.70 mm and are 10 m long. A new technology, dipping technology, is employed to provide a resin coating to the strings, to achieve proper performance and playability. These strings can be strung at tensions as high as of 32 lbs. They have a high durability, along with hi-hitting sound and hi-repulsion power. These strings are shock absorbent and avoid any excessive gauge vibrations. The braided surface of the strings provides superior control over the strokes.