Apacs Z Vanguard II - Badminton Racket (Compact Frame (4U) Unstrung

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Apacs Z Vanguard II - Badminton Racket (Compact Frame (4U) Unstrung 

Delivery 3-7 days
Weight / Grip size 85 gms / G2
Strung Yes
Stringing Advice 22-38 lbs
Cover Included Yes


  • Isometric Head Frame: Equalizes the length of the main and cross strings on the chain bed, widening the sweet spot for more consistent precision even on off-center hits.
  • 76 Grommet System - This one-step grommet hole construction provides more grommet holes, creating a high-performance string pattern that provides 7% more durability.
  • Hi Modulus IPN - IPN (Inter Penetration Networks) combines the high modulus and high temperature properties of engineering thermoplastic with improved tribological properties. Result in a quality smooth surface and high mechanical performance.
  • Compact Frame - Provides a quick turn and heavy head balance. The frame has been made smaller to maintain the fast swing required by advanced players. By reducing the drag caused by air resistance, the feeling of weight on the head is reduced and the handling speed of the blade is increased.
  • Ultra-thin shaft - State-of-the-art nano carbon technology is used to produce an ultra-thin, streamlined shaft, created for a stronger and more intense shot.

The Apacs Z Vanguard II racket has a very similar design as the Yonex Voltric Z-Force II Badminton racket.

  • It is developed with the new "Triple Speed System Frame" which combines exceptional power and great handling, and overall improve execution with Power and more Control.
  • Z Vanguard II is designed to give you faster sharper smashes and at the same time let you enjoy the precise drop shot and netting play.
  • Designed with Compact Frame, which increases the Speed in the swing, and overall improve execution with Power and more Control.
  • Ultra Slim Shaft is more aerodynamic and reduces air resistance making your shot stronger and more intense shot.
  • The racket is a medium flex racket that will deliver more power even for beginners, as it will have a kind of sling shot effect.
  • The Apacs Z Vanguard II is fast racket and is developed to suit power based players who want more control or those seeking to produce instant power for smashes.
  • This racket is very well balanced and awesome to play with, and with the price over performance, it gives you the best value for money.