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Carlton Vapour Trail 82 Pyrite Unstrung Badminton Racquet, G6- Black

Carlton Vapour Trail 82 Pyrite Unstrung Badminton Racquet, G6- Black

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Carlton Vapour Trail 82 Pyrite Unstrung Badminton Racquet, G6- Black

Advanced racket. Bi-Axial Dynamics frame with Torsional Control System (TCS) provide an optimum synergy of control, power & speed for all round performance.Spec for professional all-round players.

Japanese Hot Melt Graphite: Japanese Hi Modulus Graphite is the highest specification carbon available on the market treated with High pressurized heat for better graphite fusion ensuring your Carlton frame will outperform all other construction materials for frame response and stability.

TCS Torsion Control System: By flattening the T-joint section, torsional twist is minimised on shuttle impact providing a stable platform improving shot accuracy and control.

XTREME Tension Frame: Precision engineering and the utilisation of the finest construction materials ensures your Carlton frame can accommodate 11% higher string tensions compared with competitor frames.

Nanocell Enhanced: Unique resin system increases overall stiffness for enhanced shot precision. Extreme racket recoil velocity gives excellent manoeuvrability for ultimate speed and control.

High Repulsion Shaft: High Repulsion Shaft is engineered with the highest precision in shaft manufacturing ensuring 360 degrees balanced graphite layups. Higher power and increased precision is achieved by blending the optimum flexibility and kick point of your Carlton racket shaft every time you swing it.

Pro V12 Grommet: Positioned at 3 and 9 o’clock these specialised grommets have been softened to allow greater string movement thereby increasing power across the hitting zone.

Player Level  PRO
Weight (gram) 4U (Avg.82g)
Balance Head Heavy
Shaft Flexibility  Flexible
Maximum Racket Tension Upto 30 Lbs(pounds)
Racket Case Included
Head Shape Isometric
Frame Material Japanese H.M Graphite
Colour Black 



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