Carlton Vapour Trail 85 Unstrung Badminton Racquet - Black/Lime

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Carlton Vapour Trail 85 Unstrung Badminton Racquet - Black/Lime

  • Carlton is fully aware of the shifting necessities of individual badminton players. Utilizing this broad information and skill, Carlton presented the Carlton Badminton System. Highlighting various vital segments, this fundamental way to deal with badminton gear conveys deductively approved upgrades to your play, guaranteeing your victory in each badminton game.

    Vapour Trail 85 Badminton racket have pure chances of winning since the company manufactures world-class products. Those players who have been fortunate enough to utilize a Carlton badminton racket appreciate Carltons innovative work and its way of thinking that has seen every badminton racket created with care satisfactorily fulfill the needs of its esteemed customers.

    Vapour Trail 85 Badminton Racket gives perfect cooperation of control, force, and speed for all-round execution. 
  • The Vapour Trail series provides an optimum synergy of control, power & speed for all – round performance. The new frame features a TCS reinforced T – Joint for shot stability and control, whilst the Vectran enhanced graphite construction provides excellent racket overall Resilience.


    • Construction: Japanese HM Graphite
    • Shaft: High Repulsion Shaft
    • Frame Weight: 85g ±2g
    • Frame: Xtreme Tension Frame
    • Head Shape: Isometric