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Cosco Adjustable Door Bar for Pull-Ups, Chin Ups - 63-96cm

Cosco Adjustable Door Bar for Pull-Ups, Chin Ups - 63-96cm

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Cosco Adjustable Door Bar for Pull-Ups, Chin Ups - 63-96cm

  • Non Slip, Soft padded Hand Grips to Ensure Maximum Stability and Grip
  • Ideal for Pull-ups, Chin-ups and Leg lifts, Foot Anchor for Sit-ups and Crunches
  • Adjustable Door Bar, Size: 63-96 cm
  • Includes Weight Bearing Brackets for Maximum Stability during Chin-ups
  • Includes Non-Weight Bearing Brackets for Sit-ups.
  • Corrosion Resistant coated outer surface
  • Fits snuggly between door frames and please ensure that the door bar is tightly fitted to the doorway ,please check doorway bar before each use to make sure it is tightly installed
  • In Box Contents: 1 Door Bar

If you want to get that mean lean fighting machine look then the Cosco Door Bar is definitely for you. It will help you accomplish your workout goals fast, building you up to the muscular frame you want and deserve. The Cosco Door Bar will develop those great looking muscles adding strength to your core as you work out regularly. It will not disappoint and will encourage you to do more so you can look and feel your best. Comfortable Foam Handles, The bar is comprised of foam handles that permit a strong yet comfortable grip, reducing the slippery effect of sweaty palms. It also reduces the strain on your hands as a result. Powder coated equipment: There is a powder coated substance on this fitness equipment which guarantees resistance against corrosion. Durable and adjustable , It is designed for durability and to fit quite snuggly between door frames. It will stay safely in place while you do your workouts and is adjustable for any type of door frame with large padded ends.

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