Finis Swimmer's Snorkel, One Size (Yellow)

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  • Relax in the water in order to focus on stroke and improve technique
  • Allows for clear and easy breathing
  • Worn with swim goggles promotes proper head and body position
  • Can be worn in conjunction with swim cap or goggles
  • Stays in place for all competitive strokes, including flip turns

The Finis Swimmers Snorkel is great for exploring a whole new underwater world. Made from medical grade silicone, this snorkel is safe and easy to use for people ages 12 and up, and of any expertise level. This snorkel reduces the drag and tension that one would experience using a side snorkel. It is great for neck, shoulder, and back injury therapy. This snorkel helps improve stroke mechanics by enabling you to stay streamlined under the water. It also aids in hypoxic development by urging stronger inhalation and exhalation, which is similar to high altitude training where oxygen is scarce. The adjustable headband provides a snug fit. With the one-way purge valve, it is easy to clear water from the tube. So get the Finis Swimmers Snorkel, and enjoy the waters like you never have before!