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HRS PRO GRIP MB-101 Medicine Ball Without Handle, Orange/Black

HRS PRO GRIP MB-101 Medicine Ball Without Handle, Orange/Black

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HRS PRO GRIP MB-101 Medicine Ball Without Handle, Orange/Black

HRS Medicine ball is a great accessory for any fitness lover. Strength those muscles and improve your core strength in a safe, versatile and fun manner. With HRS's high quality, rubberized medicine ball, you can be assured of a powerful workout anywhere, whether it is at home or in your favorite park, or the gym.

A medicine ball workout engages many core muscles at the same time instead of focusing on just one muscle power, hence is extremely helpful in developing core strength and even improving sports performance, it is ideal for bounce passes, chest passes and overhead passes, lunges, squats, push-ups and many more exercises.

  • High density, rubber compound is designed for easy cleaning
  • Helps limit scuffs on walls and floors
  • Designed to survive your toughest workouts, the ball features a thick, ultra-durable rubber shell construction 
  • Allows for a wide range of exercises to help improve upper/lower/core strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and joint integrity
  • Multi-functional piece of equipment that can be used for both fitness activities as well as physical therapy practices
  • Incorporating medicine ball training into your workout can target particular muscle groups to help build power and condition the elasticity of the tendons/muscles
  • Ideal for Classic Medicine Ball Workouts, Virtuous Unisex Rubber Medicine Ball is Ideal for Everything from Wall Ball Throws to Traditional Trunk Twists, Squats, Sit-Ups and Presses to Improve Endurance, Explosiveness and Core Strength.
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