Li-Ning Power 1500 G-Force Carbon Fiber Badminton Racquet, Size S2 (Red/White)

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The Li-Ning G-Force Power 1500 badminton racket is specifically designed for BIG POWER, OFFENSE AND ATTACK ORIENTED badminton players that want to play with maximum power. 2. The racket made by Ultra Carbon Carbon Graphite, it is a strong material with higher strength and rididity; help to avoid frame deformation and providing more accurate attack point. 3. With high balance point and head heavy construction, the racket are excellent for smashing. 4. The racket is made by full carbon graphite, which make it more durable, light weight and flexible. 5. Other Technologies of this rackets as below:- a) DYNAMIC-OPTIMUM FRAME Dynamic Optimum Frame is a high tech badminton racket frame technology that delivers exceptional offensive and defensive play characteristics and includes an enlarged sweet spot for high repulsion performance. b) AEROTEC-BEAM SYSTEM The Aerotec-Beam System is an extra aerodynamic badminton racket frame structure that is specially engineered to minimize air resistance while maintaining the strength of the frame. This reduces athletic fatigue resulting in a competitive advantage to the player. c) HIGH TENSILE SLIM SHAFT The 7.0 mm top slim shaft design provides extreme strength and easier free control. This also ensures perfect balance with racquet weight and moving inertia aerodynamically. High tensile slim shaft as the mainstay of power and skill, strictly and precisely release the intention of players, in a cohesive state of racquet and the body. d)ULTRA CARBON Ultra Carbon is an ultra strong carbon fiber material that provides additional rigidity and strength to the badminton racket allowing for higher stringing tensions while minimizing the possibility of breaking the racket. e) WAVED FRAME With the WAVED FRAME construction, the friction between racket and string will be reduced, and service life of strings can be extend and repulsion power can be maintained.