Nivia Wrist Supoprt (Black)

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Nivia Wrist Supoprt (Black)

  • Color: Black
  • Strechable fabric makes wrist support easy to wear
  • It is easy and convenient to use
  • It can be used by anyone while training
  • Box contents: 1 Wrist support

Nivia Wrist Support is made from stretchable fabric which gives proper support to the wrist and is easy to wear. The strong fabric ensures that the wrist is protected and is comfortable during work outs and saps all the heat and energy generated from the body. The wrist support also protects the wrist bones when one is doing heavy workouts and lifting heavy dumbbells. The wrist support is ideal for those interested in weights and physical fitness.. It is extremely easy and convenient to use. It is adjustable and can be worn as per convenience.

Nivia Wrist Support (Black), (1 Piece)

Firm Support to Wrist: The wristband firmly holds on to your wrist, supporting and assisting your muscles and bones while you lift those heavy weights.

Prevents and Minimizes Damages of Wrist Fractures: The extra protection accorded by Nivia prevents and minimizes damages and wrist fractures.

For Heavy Workouts: The wrist support is specifically designed to help in reducing the pressure on your wrists.