Reebok Trainpod Multi-purpose functional training platform - Magenta/Yellow

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  • Total body workout to help tone and tighten muscles
  • Multi-purpose functional training platform provides a huge range of exercises.
  • TrainPod creates challenging instability forcing muscles to work hard.
  • Adjustable air pressure allows varied intensity.

Introducing the Reebok TrainPod, the new innovative exercise equipment designed to give you a fun, enjoyable workout. The TrainPod is versatile, compact and light, so it can be used at home or on the move. The innovative design allows for - Standing balance exercises - Standing cardiovascular exercises - Crouched balance exercises - Plank - Press ups - Core toning exercises The Reebok TrainPod is fun and enjoyable, helping improve overall balance and stability, plyometric training and general enhancement of traditional upper and lower body exercises. With the TrainPod you will have a fun and enjoyable toning experience designed to work muscles you never knew you had. The unique air pod provides instability to help enhance muscle activation with the option to inflate the pod to various levels to tailor the intensity of your workout.