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Vector X

Vector X Pro Speed Rubber Cricket Shoes, Men's (White/Black/Silver)

Vector X Pro Speed Rubber Cricket Shoes, Men's (White/Black/Silver)

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Vector X Pro Speed Rubber Cricket Shoes, Men's

  • Increase your training load
  • Perform to your maximum
  • Recover more quickly
  • Prevent Injury and fatigue
  • Synthetic leather full rubber
Cricket Shoes by Vector X - Play Cricket Like a King to Win, Wearing the Best Footwear on Field!

This pair of cricket shoes is the ideal pair for every cricket enthusiast. The rubber spiked sole provides the ultimate grip on the pitch enabling an expert play in all seasons. A neat lace closure gives you the grip which boosts confidence on the grounds. The good toe cap is perfect for easy and relaxed foot movement while the high heel tab and ankle length design protect the feet against all injuries and accidents. The pair is stylish and useful, which makes it the perfect accessory to glam up your sports kit and pave the way for best bat and ball moment.

Lace-Up Closure

The lace closure is neat, tidy and elegant, providing the shoes the ideal upper grip and attachment. The laces are perfectly interwoven making them easily fasten-able and hassle free. That makes the player relaxed on the field, which adds to the ease-of-wear of the shoes.

Brand Logo on Quarter Part

The brand name of Vector X appears prominently on the sides. That lends the shoes a very glamorous façade in sync with the fast and furious mood of the footwear meant for the sophisticated game of cricket.

Tough Sole

This pair of cricket shoes is provided with a high heel tab which is the elevated rear part of the shoe. That part covers the heels well, thus ruling out any chance of fracture, friction or injury to that part of the feet which is commonly vulnerable in the game of cricket.

Comfortable Inner Lining

The inner part of the shoe is laced with soft and feather-touch material which keeps the feet comfortable and closely guarded when on the run. That adds to the relaxation factor of the feet, and also takes care of the chances of untoward accidents, ruling them out to enable an easy game.

Stylish Toe Cap

The tip of the shoe is spacious enough to accommodate the toe and thus allows easy and free movement of the same. The space keeps the toes comfortable thus eliminating all chances of shoe bite, muscle cramp and unwanted friction, making movement easy and fast.

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