Vector X VXF 684 Skipping Rope (Multicolor)

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Vector X VXF 684 Skipping Rope (Multicolor)

  • Freestyle skipping rope
  • Nylon material
  • Non slip, two tone contoured handle
  • Color May Very

Skipping Rope by Vector X – Upgrade your Fitness Level!

Upgrade your fitness levels with this skipping rope by Vector X which has a sporty design which is in sync with modern aesthetics. Made up of sturdy nylon material, this skipping rope resists breakage from tension. Enhance your cardio workout routine with this skipping rope from Vector X which has non-slip handles that resist slippage during your skipping session.

Slim Non-Slip Handles

This skipping rope from Vector X features non-slip handles which resist slippage during high-intensity cardio workout sessions. The protruding rounded ends at the end of the handles ensure that the handles will not slip out of your palms during a workout. Enjoy the benefits of an overall cardiovascular workout with this freestyle skipping rope!

Nylon Rope

This skipping rope is made up of nylon which makes it durable and resistant to breakage. Nylon ropes are apt for fast-faced skipping as they are incredibly swift with less wind resistance. It has a higher safety factor as beginners are less likely to injure themselves with nylon skipping ropes than plastic skipping ropes.

Easy to Store

This nylon skipping rope from Vector X is easy to store as it folds into a compact shape. You can carry this lightweight skipping rope anywhere for practice. It is travel-friendly because it is easy to pack this rope into a compact packaging.

Freestyle Skipping Rope

Freestyle skipping ropes are used in particular by display teams or by more advanced skippers looking to add some new moves to their repertoire. The handles are a little longer which provides more control over the skipping rope. This design allows execution of more complex skipping techniques. Use this freestyle skipping rope to create unique choreography or to engage in an intense cardio session!

Adjustable Length

The length of the skipping rope can be adjusted by a) unlocking the plastic lock at the end, b) pulling the plastic cap down and moving the lock according to your requirement and c) securing the plastic cap in its position. In this way, the skipping rope can suit people of varying heights

Strengthens your Core Muscles

This skipping rope from Vector X is a freestyle skipping rope which can be used to perform cardiovascular exercises which can improve the posture by strengthening the core muscles. Strengthen your core and flaunt your improved posture by exercising with this skipping rope from Vector X.