Vector X Yoga Brick Block, Blue

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Vector X Yoga Brick Block, Blue

Vector X Yoga Brick Helps You Achieve The Full Benefits Of Each Yoga Pose By Providing Extra Height, Stability And Support

  • PV foam with soft and smooth texture
  • Skid-resistant
  • Ideal for yoga and similar exercise routines

If there’s a yoga product you need to get to improve your overall performance and ability, then the yoga brick is that product. The yoga brick is used to maintain and improve your body’s balance, a vital aspect of yoga practice. The word brick is a misleading term, as the yoga brick is made of soft material, while also being solid and sturdy enough to withstand regular use. As you would expect the brick has a non-slippery grip to ensure that it stays in place while you improve your body’s control.

The yoga brick is the perfect addition to your yoga accessory collection. It’s a guarantee that you’ll achieve the right alignment. You can tackle multiple positions and poses with this yoga brick, both seated and standing.