Vicky Football Shoe ISTUD, Yellow

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  • Unique double colour outsole with individually configured studs combining conical for turning and blades for sprinting and stopping
  • Ideal for firm, dry, natural grass surfaces & designed for accelaration,comfort & enhanced traction
  • Upper material- PU
  • Outsole - double colour TPU
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Pair of Shoe

Are you a footballer a looking for studs that give you stability on the field without pinching your pocket? Yes? Well then these studs by Vicky i-stud are just the pair for you. The advanced TPU outsoles give you maximum friction on the ground so that you maintain your balance each time you deliver a goal like a real pro! The soles have been incorporated with direct injected bladed studs to give you the right amount of traction. Football isn't just a sport, it is a way of life. It is the most followed sport in the world. Once you're on the pitch, all that matters is the final score line. How can you affect that in the best possible way? The answer is very simple - by acquiring the best possible weapon. Hence, don't undermine the importance of finding the right piece of footwear before you practice football. These ruggedized studs guarantee you maximum durability during those high octane games and charged performances. So goodbye to the times when your studs wear off right in the middle of your game! Besides the fact that these studs are definitely sturdy the neon yellow shade with black detailing adds to the style factor. So while your game becomes the focal point in the match you can always jazz it up a little more with these stylish pairs of studs. The huge print on the neon yellow background makes it up for a style that is sporty and cutting edge at the same time. Although these studs are made of a non-leather material they are highly resistant to wear and tear that can be caused during a high charged game or even a daily training routine. The design and material allows these pairs to stretch easily to provide you with further comfort during the game. In addition the synthetic material on the upper side further amps up the comfort level of the footballer.