Yonex Nanoflare Drive Strung Badminton Racquet Yellow/Black

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Yonex Nanoflare Drive Strung Badminton Racquet Yellow/Black

Delivery 3-7 days
Weight / Grip size 84 gms / G4
Strung Yes
Stringing Advice 20-28 lbs
Cover Included Yes

Providing cunningly easy handling and fast striking motion, the Yonex Nanoflare DRIVE badminton racket combines excellent control capabilities with consistency and easily generated power due to an isometric head style. It’s a lightweight, headlight racquet that moves incredibly fast with the help of Aero Frame technology, and with a hi-flexible shaft, it gains a superior shot sensation and feels. Furthermore, the racket incorporates into its design Sonic Flare system for incredible shot power improvement and maximized shuttle acceleration and comes in 4 colors Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. 

Nanocell Neo - A resilent yet surprisingly flexible Graphite Material

Sonic Flare System - The revolutionary new graphite material TORAYCA® M40X provides unrivaled power and stability for maximum shuttle acceleration in Yonex Nanoflare badminton racket with Medium Flex.

Frame - Graphite / Nanocell Neo / H.M. Graphite


  • Sonic Flare System
  • Nanocell Neo + HM Graphite
  • Head Light Balance
  • Isometric
  • Super Slim Frame
  • New Grommet Pattern
  • Aero Frame
  • New Built-in T Joint
  • Control Support Cap

This is latest Yonex Nanoflare racket with unique ability to offer fast and quick drives. With its head light balance and 84 gms weight, player will get perfect balance to dominate on opponents by hitting quick drive and cross corner shots.

This Yonex racket is developed with TORAYCAR M40X graphite material which is considered is revolutionary material with High modulus graphite bonding and its specialty is to offer maximum shuttle speed so player will get edge on opponent. Further, to improve the flexibility of the graphite material, Yonex used NENOCELL neo (New graphite material). So overall, player will get better strength and flexibility in Yonex Nanoray drive model.

To improve the swing speed of frame, Yonex adopted the super slim frame which insured the fast racket speed helps in quick shot delivery.

Single pass grommet helps in better string movement thus offers better power transfer to shuttle.

Yonex Nanoflare drive is developed with control cap system, CCP system helps in perfect racket grip suitable for better maneuverability.