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Young P11 The Black Bird Super Charged Badminton Racquet

Young P11 The Black Bird Super Charged Badminton Racquet

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Young P11 The Black Bird Super Charged Badminton Racquet, 5U6

Designed with precision engineering and advanced technology, this racquet embodies the pursuit of perfection in every swing. It caters to their playing style, offering a perfect blend of power, control, and maneuverability. Whether you're perfecting your technique or strategizing to outplay your opponent, this racquet is your ultimate companion. Young P11 Black Bird Super Charged features an ergonomic grip and a lightweight build, ensuring your comfort and stamina remain intact during extended gameplay. Focus solely on your performance and let this racquet take care of the rest.

  • Tension                            30LBS
  • Weight                             78g
  • Balance Point               295mm 
  • Balance                          Head Heavy
  • Frame Material            Japanese UHM Graphite
  • Grip Size                          G6
  • Lightweight Construction: The "Young P11 Black Bird Super Charged" boasts a feather-light weight of just 78g, making it one of the lightest rackets in its class. This lightweight construction enables players to swiftly move around the court, react to opponents' shots with lightning speed, and maintain exceptional agility throughout the game.

    Head Heavy Design: The head-heavy balance of the racket is engineered to enhance the power of your smashes. By concentrating more weight on the head, the racket generates increased momentum, translating into powerful and precise shots that catch your opponents off guard.

    Japanese Tech: Incorporating cutting-edge Japanese technology, this racket delivers unrivaled performance, ensuring that every swing is as accurate as it is powerful. From materials to construction, this technology guarantees a racket that's not only reliable but also tailored to elevate your skills.

    Hi-Power Aero Frame: Aerodynamic frame structure reduces air resistance, allowing players to unleash their full swing speed with minimal effort. Which results in Incredible shot speed and unparalleled control over the trajectory of the shuttlecock.

    Power Tech Head: Crucial aspect that adds a punch to your gameplay. The racket's head is strategically engineered to maximize power generation during shots. Whether you're smashing or performing quick drives, the power tech head amplifies your shots' effectiveness.


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