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Prokick Sports offers an excellent selection of badminton rackets online. Whether you are looking for a professional racquet or a simple racket for recreational play, you will find it at our online store. It is important to select the right badminton racquet to optimise your performance in the court.

 Parts of a Badminton Racket

The different parts of a badminton racquet are frame, head, T-joint, shaft and grip.


The entire body of the badminton racquet is called as the frame. The maximum length of the frame should be 680mm.


It is the region of the badminton racquet that holds the strings, which are made of nylon or carbon fibre. The shape of the head is round, oval or isometric. The shape of the head determines the number and location of the “sweet spots.”


Also known as the throat region, the T-joint refers to the triangular piece that integrates the shaft with the head of the racket.


Located at the centre of the racket, the shaft connects the grip to the head through the T-joint. Depending on the type of racket, the shaft can be flexible or stiff or in between.

 Handle or Grip

The player holds the handle or grip, so it needs to be comfortable. The common types of grips are PU grip, towel grip and G2 grip. The smaller the grip, the more control a player will have on the shots.

 When you explore our collection of badminton racquets online, you can choose the right one based on your preference and level of expertise in the game.   

 At our online store, we have rackets for all levels of players.

Badminton racquets for beginners

If you are a beginner or just enjoy playing casually, you can go for the beginner’s racquet. Beginners racquets are lightweight and have a flexible shaft. They are designed to help players learn the moves and get the control.

Badminton racquets for intermediate players

As you progress in your game, you can update to a medium-weight racket that has a less flexible shaft. The racquet will have a “sweet spot” that you can use to hit the shuttle cock.

 Badminton racquets for advanced players

These racquets are small but pack a lot of power. The shaft is stiff, and the head has high-tension strings that provide higher levels of precision and control that professional players seek.

 Prokick Sports offers badminton rackets online from various brands such as APACS, Li-Ning, and YONEX. Our online store also has shuttlecocks, full and half covers and other badminton accessories.

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