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 Parts of a Badminton Racket

The different parts of a badminton racquet are frame, head, T-joint, shaft and grip.


The entire body of the badminton racquet is called as the frame. The maximum length of the frame should be 680mm.


It is the region of the badminton racquet that holds the strings, which are made of nylon or carbon fibre. The shape of the head is round, oval or isometric. The shape of the head determines the number and location of the “sweet spots.”


Also known as the throat region, the T-joint refers to the triangular piece that integrates the shaft with the head of the racket.


Located at the centre of the racket, the shaft connects the grip to the head through the T-joint. Depending on the type of racket, the shaft can be flexible or stiff or in between.

 Handle or Grip

The player holds the handle or grip, so it needs to be comfortable. The common types of grips are PU grip, towel grip and G2 grip. The smaller the grip, the more control a player will have on the shots.

 When you explore our collection of badminton racquets online, you can choose the right one based on your preference and level of expertise in the game.   

 At our online store, we have rackets for all levels of players.

Badminton racquets for beginners

If you are a beginner or just enjoy playing casually, you can go for the beginner’s racquet. Beginners racquets are lightweight and have a flexible shaft. They are designed to help players learn the moves and get the control.

Badminton racquets for intermediate players

As you progress in your game, you can update to a medium-weight racket that has a less flexible shaft. The racquet will have a “sweet spot” that you can use to hit the shuttle cock.

 Badminton racquets for advanced players

These racquets are small but pack a lot of power. The shaft is stiff, and the head has high-tension strings that provide higher levels of precision and control that professional players seek.

Badminton racquet is the most important gear of a badminton player. The best badminton racquet is not the one which suits you, but which offers you the required performance. If you are planning to buy the perfect badminton racquet for yourself then Prokick Sports is the right platform for you. We have a wide range of badminton rackets from top brands which you can buy online in just a few clicks from the convenience of your home.

Some Best Badminton Racket Brands


 Yonex is a leading brand which manufactures top quality badminton racquets including:

  • Astrox 99 from the Astrox series for the professional badminton players. This racquet has rotation generation system which gives extreme power on the shots.
  • Three more models of Yonex, Astrox FB, Astrox 22 and Astrox 5Fxhave been launched, out of which Astrox FB is an ultra-light racquet.
  • Voltric FB is also very light weight racket. Voltric 7 DG, 1DG and 10 DG racquets come with ultra-strong frame concept. Voltric 1 Dg is a popular racquet for both the beginners and intermediate players.
  • Yonex Voltric seriescomes equipped with latest Tri Voltage System which offers powerful as well as fast racquet handling.
  • In the Arcsaber and Nanoray Series, Yonex has launched 5U racquets.
  • Both Yonex Nanoray Light 11i and Arcsaber light 15i are some popular models in lightweight series. Yonex Nanoray light series has been specifically developed for those players who want a powerful yet light weight racquet. It is manufactured with graphite material.
  • Yonex Muscle power series that includes Yonex Muscle Power 29 Lite and Yonex Muscle Power 22 Plus which arethe perfect for the beginners.
  • Yonex Duora series includes Yonex Duora 77 LCW and Duora 77which are ideal for Intermediate Players. Both Yonex Duora 10 and Duora Z Strike are professional level racquets.

 Li Ning:

 Li Ning is a reputed Chinese company which specialises in making premium-quality sports products. Li Ning’s best badminton racquets include:

  • Li Ning Ultra Strong serieswhich is perfect for those who prefer mega strong frames and light weight racquets. This series is developed with Hi Modules graphite material which gives a unique ability to the racquet frame to sustain higher string tension. In US Series, US 978 and US 988 are two best-selling models.
  • Li Ning has introduced its feather lightweight rackets known as Windstorm 72, 75 and 78.
  • Li Ning’s Nano Power series is perfect for intermediate players. Its frame and shaft is manufactured with HM graphite and resin structure. These racquets give better strength as well as power on shots.
  • LI Ning also launched its HI power series where the shaft is made of graphite and frame is made up of aluminium alloy.


Apacs has emerged as a quality badminton equipment manufacturer in India. Apacs Finapi is a hit series and many intermediate players use it. Some new racket series have also been introduced by Apacs such as Blend, Faray and Defender, to name a few. The main qualities of these racquets are their low price range and attractive specifications as compared to other popular brands.

Top 10 Badminton Rackets in India

  1. Yonex Nanospeed 9900

An exceptionally tech savvy racquet that can help players achieve quicker movement and during play. With its thin yet solid frame, the Nanospeed 9900 racquet is one of the lightest racquets around.

  1. Yonex Nanoray Z-Speed

Designed for expert professional players, this racquet can prove to be a punch on the court according to Yonex. It is the fastest racquet in the world. This power packed racquet has many features like nonometric material which is lightweight and has high speed. It has X-Fullrene technology which increases the power and its AERO frame also boosts responsiveness.

  1. Yonex Voltric Z- Force

The Voltric Z-Force comes equipped with a tri-voltage system that helps you give great shots, a sound filter that decreases vibrations, a solid feel core which minimizes shocks along with an aerobox frame that makes swinging easier.

  1. Ashaway Viper XT700

The XT700 is a perfect racquet which is neither too heavy nor too light in your hand. The build of the XT700 is very sturdy and is capable of taking a tension of up to 26 lbs.

  1. Ashaway Arch Striker 75

With just 74g of weight, the Arch Striker is one of the most advanced Badminton racquet in the market. The Arch Striker makes use of a nano technology along with CS tube frame technology that makes it superb for the defence and control.

  1. Li Ning Woods N 80

Woods N 80 comes with a carbon fibre body which is highly durable. It has a shock absorption system and an aerotec beam system that adds power to its shot.

  1. Li Ning Woods N 90 II

The racquet comes equipped with innovative bio inner cone technology that boosts precision along with a wing stabilizer system that improves control. Opt for this if you are looking for an attack as well as defence oriented racquet.

  1. Wilson Hyper 100

It is a reliable badminton racquet which is perfect for the beginners. The racquet’s hyper carbon body boosts the power and controls the shots along with adding durability which makes it a perfect beginner’s piece.

  1. Cosco CBX-450

Made from graphite, the CBX-450 racquet improves your shots along with polishing your overall technique. Another benefit of this racquet is its full cover case which other racquets in this segment seem to lack.

  1. Adidas F100 G4

Adidas F100 G4 racquet is meant for those players who are ready to move to the next level. The racquet is made from lightweight graphite material which enhances flexibility and enables the player to be swifter on the court. 

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