Buy Cricket Bat Online

The key to scoring massive runs also lies in your bat selection. No matter how good a player you are, your technique must be complemented with the right kind of bat. Buy cricket bat online from Prokick Sports and enjoy a fascinating game.

 In order to facilitate your online bat shopping, here’s a small guide that will help you to select the best bats.

Bat Size

It is important to select the right sized bat, depending on your age and playing level. While there are full-sized bats for adults, younger children need to start with smaller and lighter bats. In most cases, a suitable size is determined on the basis of the player’s height and age. Browse through Prokick’s excellent collection to make your online bat shopping easy and effortless.


English Willow and Kashmir Willow are the most popular varieties of wood used in making cricket bats. While newbies and beginners can buy Kashmir Willow bats, professionals often choose English Willow to enhance their performance. At Prokick, you get a wide range of bats and you can buy cricket bat online without any difficulty.


The weight of a bat often determines how hard you hit the ball. But, depending on the requirement of each player, weights vary. Consider your strengths as a cricketer before choosing a heavy or lightweight bat. Your coaches may be in a very good position to guide you about this.

 Shape of Bat

A lot of batsmen prefer bats with a certain shape. Some may prefer bats with a high sweet spot. Others may like a lower sweet spot. Depending on the shape and make of a bat, the sweet spot varies, and players tend to choose ones that are most suitable to their batting style.  

 Short or Long Handle

Senior batsmen generally like shorter handles for greater control. But, if a player is very tall, he might opt for a longer handle. Therefore, the choice of handles can be narrowed down to personal preference.

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