Collection: Cricket Leather Balls

Prokicksports is your ultimate destination for high-quality cricket equipment! We take pride in offering a wide range of cricket leather balls to cater to the needs of cricket players at all levels. Whether you're a professional cricketer or an enthusiastic club player, our collection of cricket leather balls will surely elevate your game.

When it comes to cricket leather balls, SG Cricket Balls are renowned for their exceptional quality and performance. Designed to meet international standards, these balls are trusted by professional cricketers around the globe. They are meticulously crafted using the finest leather, ensuring optimal durability, shape retention, and seam strength. SG Cricket Balls are available in both red and white variations, making them suitable for different formats of the game.

Another popular brand in our collection is SF Balls, known for their outstanding performance on the field. Crafted with precision and expertise, SF Balls are favored by many cricketers for their excellent bounce, seam movement, and longevity. These balls are ideal for club-level matches and practice sessions, offering reliable performance at an affordable price.

SS Balls are also highly regarded in the cricketing community. Made from top-grade leather, these balls offer excellent grip and seam control, allowing bowlers to extract maximum swing and spin. With their consistent bounce and durability, SS Balls are a great choice for both recreational and competitive cricket.

Kookaburra is a brand synonymous with cricket and their leather balls are no exception. Kookaburra balls are widely used in international matches and major tournaments. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these balls provide excellent shape retention, consistent performance, and great visibility. Whether you're playing a season ball or a high-stakes match, Kookaburra balls are the perfect choice to enhance your cricketing experience.

At Prokicksports, we understand the importance of finding the right cricket leather ball that suits your needs and budget. That's why we offer a range of options at different price points, ensuring that there's something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a professional-grade ball or an affordable option for practice, we've got you covered.

So, browse through our extensive collection of cricket leather balls and choose the one that best fits your requirements. Elevate your game with Prokicksports and experience the joy of playing with high-quality cricket leather balls.


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