Collection: Swimming Goggles

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Swimming is one of the few sports that do not rely on equipment. Its dependence on costumes and accessories is a lot more when compared to other sports. Prokick Sports has a great collection of swimming goggles online. Browse through our extensive range and select the best products.

 A swimmer not only requires a great swimming costume, he or she will also require a smart pair of swimming goggles. If you are buying swimming googles online for the first time, there’s nothing to worry about. Check out the following tips to select the best goggles.

 How to Select the Right Pair of Goggles?

Before buying goggles, decide why you need it. Is it for fitness training, competitions or a holiday? Depending on your requirement, different types of goggles are available in the market. If you are a beginner, for example, it is always recommended to choose comfortable and easy-to-wear goggles.

 For intermediate level swimmers, specially designed goggles with a flexible nose bridge and narrow field of vision can be chosen. But, if you are a professional swimmer, training for tournaments, you need hydrodynamic goggles. Its special design and make offers more stability, fits perfectly on the face and provides a precise field of vision. It is designed to offer maximum comfort and absolutely clear vision.

 Goggle Sizes

When you are buying swimming goggles online, you need to check the size. They are generally available in three sizes – S, L and one size. To check the right fit, you need to place the lenses over your eyes and press on it. Do not put the strap around the head during the test. If it manages to create suction and stays in place, it is the perfect size for you.

 Goggle Lens

Swimmers need to adjust to different environment and light conditions. Depending on your requirement, you need to choose appropriate lenses for your goggles. Polarized, Mirrored, Clear as well as blue lenses are available. While polarized lenses offer excellent glare protection and are suitable for sunny conditions and open water swimming, clear lenses allow maximum visibility in lowlight.

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