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Whether you play cricket as a hobby or a full-time sport, you need to have a pair of excellent shoes. Selecting cricket shoes online can often be tricky and confusing. After all, selecting the right pair of shoes has a great impact on your game. So, making the right selection is not necessarily restricted to choosing the right size. There are some factors that you need to keep in mind before selecting the perfect cricket shoes.


Right-sized shoes are more important than anything else. In order to play well, shoes must be comfortable. Measure your feet size correctly to find the best fitting shoes. Most reputed brands do not have any issues with size and once you know the correct size, there will hardly be any problem in selecting cricket shoes online. At Prokicksports, you can easily select perfect size for your Cricket Shoe using our Unique Size Chart for all brands.

Determine Your Role as a Cricketer

Depending on your on-field role, you need to choose footwear. For bowlers, the grip is an important factor. They need to choose good quality rubber shoes for synthetic surfaces. However, on turf tracks, bowlers need full cricket spikes for the best grip. Shoes with additional support to the ankles and feet are also necessary for fast bowlers.

In case of a batsman, half-spiked shoes are the best option. The shoes must be designed to aid good footwork against fast bowlers as well as spinners. For all-rounders, it is recommended to use light shoes which can be changed from full to half spikes, as and when necessary. At Prokick you will get all types of shoes for Bowlers, Batsman and All-Rounder. We have the best range of Rubber Cricket Studs, Metal Spikes and Shoes with PVC Sole for beginners

Pick Shoes Depending on the Playing Surface

If you are choosing cricket shoes online, remember to select shoes as per the playing surface. On synthetic pitches, rubber shoes with excellent grip are important. Soil or moisture from the outfield might end up on the pitch and make it difficult for bowlers. If you play on turf pitches, spiked shoes are your best bet.

Look Out for Special Features

Often sports shoes are designed to offer maximum comfort to players. They are capable of absorbing shock and keeping the feet and legs injury-free. Therefore, take a look at special features like a soft, cushioning sole, ankle support and other ergonomic features.

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