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Volleyball has become an immensely popular in the recent times. Adults, as well as young children have taken to this sport. If you are interested in learning this game or going pro volleyball, we suggest you take a look at a fine selection of volley balls online at Prokick Sports. Choose the most appropriate size and style based on your game play and proficiency.

Different types of balls can be used to play volleyball indoor or outdoor. Although there is a huge variety of balls available in the market, most novices may not notice the difference. But, if you are interested to buy volley ball, you need to consider certain things.

Qualities of a Good Volleyball

If you are pursuing volleyball as a hobby, the quality of a ball may not be a top consideration. But, if you are a seasoned player, it is important to notice certain features. The feel of the ball in your hand, for example, matters a lot. It will make a huge difference to your performance. The pressure and colour of a ball is also important considerations before selecting volley balls. Check out Prokick’s collection of volley balls online to choose the most suitable ones.

Weight of Ball

The weight of the volleyball can influence your performance to a great extent. Different manufacturers produce balls with different weights for varied tournaments and matches. If you are a newbie, a lighter ball may be more suitable. However, trained players like heavier balls for matches. Depending on your comfort level and preference, you need to buy a volley ball.


Firmness is an important factor for volleyball players. Volleyballs should not be too soft or tight. It should have the right firmness that feels good on your skin. Since the game involves direct contact of the ball with your skin, you need to choose firmness levels that ensure comfort. Therefore, beginners can usually go for soft and light volleyballs to avoid the sting and pain of hitting the ball.


Renowned volleyball manufacturers pay attention to the ball’s padding. In order to provide maximum cushioning to the hands and reduce the impact on a player’s hand, different levels of padding are given to the ball.

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