Choosing a Cricket Bat

If you are searching for the ideal cricket bat to improve your game, here are three factors you need to consider before you buy a cricket bat online. 

Size - cricket bats come in various sizes. A suitable bat should be chosen based on the height of the individual. This will help to provide proper balance and comfort.

Ball-type - There are different types of bats for various ball types. The bats may vary in size and thickness depending upon the ball. Slimmer bats are used for playing tennis balls, and thicker bats made from good quality willow are used for playing heavier balls.

Weight - The bat’s weight plays a vital role in learning proper form factor for technique. A heavier bat is far more durable but can be challenging to use for a lot of batsmen. The weight of the bat will determine how fast you can react to the ball. Hence the timing the ball comes into question. On the other spectrum, lighter bats help with quick reflexes but come at the cost of durability.

Types of Cricket Bats

English willow is the most widely used willow preferred for its soft timber. Cricket bats made of English willow have comparatively thicker blades compared to its counterpart, the Kashmir willow bats. The timber of the Kashmir willow is harder compared to English willow and used less in competitive cricket. The other lesser-known varieties are softball cricket bats and training cricket bats, which are used for practice sessions and are less in cost. 

  • Cricket bats for kids are commonly referred to as junior cricket bats. The size ranges from 0-6 depending upon the height of the player.
  • A Kashmiri willow bat is ideal for beginners who play softball cricket.
  • Hard tennis balls have to be played with heavy cricket bats. There is a wide variety of heavy, well-crafted tennis ball bats available in cricket stores online. Lightweight bats are more suitable for the slow nature of the soft tennis balls that provide ample time to react. Hence, a lighter bat offers far more power behind the shot and also quick reflex time. Heavier bats can also be used but will not enable optimal performance compared to lighter bats.
  • Cricket bats that are used to play leather balls should be made from heavier willow. The bats made from either Kashmiri willow or English willow are recommended.

Cricket bat online shopping

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