Badminton Shoes Online

A high paced sport like badminton requires specially manufactured shoes. The game involves sudden changes of pace, direction and frequent maneuvering. The agility of a player is tested at all times. As a result, badminton players require excellent quality shoes. You can check out a huge variety of badminton shoes online at Prokick Sports. Pick the best brands from our collection and enjoy affordable rates and free shipping anywhere in India on orders above Rs 299.

 For a badminton player, footwear is probably the most important accessory. Whether you are a novice or a pro, you will require a pair of sturdy badminton shoes to avoid the constant stress on your legs and feet. Good shoes are a big factor, especially when you are just starting. Here’s a handy guide that will help you to choose the right badminton shoes online.  

 Pick Shoes with Thin Soles

Quick reaction time is a necessity for badminton players. Thinner soles help to achieve the lowest center of gravity and increase agility. It gives more time to react and intercept shots. Thin soles also make you quick on your feet and lower the risk of injury to a large extent.

 Select Shoes with Gum Rubber Sole

Most badminton courts have wood or PU courts and you require shoes that offer maximum traction. Therefore, badminton shoes with gum rubber soles are best suited for this purpose. These shoes offer better grip and extra traction that help to perform well in court. Besides, badminton shoes are designed in a special way to prevent any markings on the court, especially when the player drags his or her feet. However, if you are playing on cement courts, shoes with normal rubber soles are also fine.

 Choose Lightweight Shoes

Heavy shoes can slow you down in court. Therefore, choose lightweight shoes to improve your agility and swiftness on the court. It should typically weigh between 250 grams to 350 grams. So, check the weight before buying badminton shoes online.

 Cushioned Shoes are Best

Badminton shoes must be extremely comfortable. A good cushion will effectively absorb shock and offer maximum comfort to your feet.

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