How to Choose a Badminton Racquet

The type, weight and size of the badminton racket plays an important role in determining your playing ability. With so many different types of badminton rackets available, choosing the right kind can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right badminton racket for your playing style:


  1. Balance Point

Badminton rackets are generally classified by their balance point. The balance point refers to where the weight of the racket is concentrated. To find out the balance point, place your finger below the head of the racket and see the direction in which it tilts. There are three types of balance points:

Head-Heavy Balance: Head-heavy rackets are designed for players who smash from the back of the court. It provides additional power to smashes by adding mass to the head of the racket.

Head-Light Balance: Head-light rackets are mainly designed for players who play doubles and focus on swing speed. It offers enhanced swinging ability and makes it easier to manipulate the racket while returning smashes. They are ideal for playing shots at the net.

Even-Balance: Even-balance rackets are designed to provide the versatility and ability of both the head-heavy and head-light rackets. They offer ample power, control and manoeuvrability and are perfect for different playing scenarios.

  1. Weight of the Racket

The badminton racket's weight is denoted by the letter 'U' accompanied by a number. The heavier the racket, the smaller the number. The recommended racket weight is between 4U to 1U (80 to 100g).

  1. String Tension

The string tension of a racket is essential in determining the force of the strokes. The higher the force, the greater the tension will be. You can test the tension by seeing how far the strings sink when you press your palm against it. The ideal string tension is a depth of 1mm.

  1. Flex

The flexibility of the shaft is crucial to controlling your wrist and arm speed. The faster your wrist speed, the stiffer your racket shaft needs to be. It is recommended for beginners to choose a badminton racket with a flexible shaft and for experts to choose a stiffer shaft.

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