How to choose a football

A wide variety of choices can make it a challenge to find the right football. The primary factors that you need to keep in mind while selecting a football include the surface and the type of game you play. The other important factors include the nature of use, be it casual, practice, indoor, futsal, official games, etc. 

Types of balls

  • Official matches: Use branded high-quality balls for 11-A side matches. 
  • Training: Use practice balls that have sturdy stitched panels that help maintain the durability and the shape of the ball.
  • Indoor: Skill balls and mini balls can be used for a 5-a-side type game.
  • Futsal: These balls are much smaller compared to the outdoor ball. It is meant to be played on a harder surface and has the lowest bounce compared to other balls. It is also heavier than outdoor balls.
  • Turf: Choose these balls to play on artificial surfaces 

Football sizes

Choosing the right ball size is essential to learn proper technique. The size of the ball will depend on the style of the game and the age of the individual. Sizes 1 and 2 are usually used for practice to improve footwork and for casual games. The leagues set the rules for the benchmark sizes, which are of 5 different types. 

  • Size 3 is for kids up to the age of 7. 
  • Size 4 from age 8 -12. 
  • Size 5 is the standardized football for age 14 and above. 

Football brands

A few of the top football brands are listed below.

Adidas: A household name that produces top-quality footballs. They supply their balls to FIFA, and they also provide balls for UEFA Champions League.

Nike: A popular brand that produces high-quality balls. They supply their balls to various leagues across Europe.

Other brands: Puma, Cosco, Vector X, HRS, Mitre, Select, Volt, Umbro, Spalding, Wilson, Under Armour, etc.

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