How to Prepare for a Badminton Tournament

Badminton is a highly demanding sport, where the players need to keep moving in all directions throughout the game continually. You will need immense stamina, hand-eye coordination, strength, agility, and quick reflexes.

A player needs to develop the ability to read the shuttlecock moving at a 400+ km/h towards you, and then counter-attack accordingly. How you prepare for the tournament, and your physical and mental conditioning will directly impact the match results.

Factors that affect the badminton game differ from one player to another. However, there are a few common preparation tips that players can follow to achieve the best results on the court.

Prep Step 1 - Take A Break from Intensive Training Before The Tournament

Slow down the training intensity at least 1 week before the tournament, so that the body gets sufficient rest. Vigorous training until the last day can result in poor psychological and physical conditions.

Prep Step 2 – Precautions and Things to Do on the Day Before the Match

Go to bed early even if you feel too excited because it will help your body to get recharged. To give your eyes some rest, stay away from your mobile phone, computer, TV, etc. These devices can hinder your brain response.

Prepare your racket bag in advance.

Pack all the necessary equipment and gear, so you are not running around searching for it just before you leave for the match.

Prep Step 3 – On the Day of the Match

Eat an easily digestible and high energy food about 2 to 3 hours before your scheduled playtime

Avoid overeating because this can make you feel bloated and cause discomfort in your stomach.

Prep Step 4 – Just Before the Match

For ten minutes, do some stretches, a little jog, footwork drills, and practice your strokes to loosen the muscles and warm up the body.

Step 5 - During the Match

Stay calm, relaxed and focused. You have practised well for this match, so go to the field and give it your best.

Tips to Prepare for the Badminton Match

Make sure that you practice with the badminton racquet that you will use during the match

Be positive as your match approaches and avoid thoughts of winning or losing and enjoy the game.

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