Basic Volleyball Rules That All Players Need to Know

Volleyball is one of the high-intensity ball games that many people love to play or watch. In court volleyball, there are 6 players in each team while it is only two per team in beach volleyball. This high-powered game requires immense speed, agility, coordination and teamwork. If you want to become a volleyball player, you need to first have a good grasp of the basic rules of volleyball.


Team volleyball’s basic rules:

  • 6 players will be on the court at all time, where 3 will be standing in the back row and 3 in the front.
  • A maximum of 3 touches is allowed for sending the ball in the opponents court.
  • Teams get points on winning the rallies, and the serve is awarded to the team that won the last point.
  • The same player in a team is not allowed to make 2 touches continuously.
  • Ball hitting the boundary line is ruled as in.
  • Ball can contact the player’s body [any part]. You can even do a header or kick the ball.
  • Holding, catching, or throwing the ball is foul.
  • Player’s cannot attack or block a serve, from on or inside the ten-foot line.
  • After the serve, players in the front-line can switch positions.
  • The number of sets per match will depend on the play level. A 3-set match can include sets of 25 points, or race to 15 points. Every set has to be won with a minimum 2 points difference. The first team that wins the 2-sets is the winner.
  • Similarly, there are the 5-set matches, where the team has to win 3 sets first to become a winner.


Outcomes of violation of volleyball rules

A point gets added to the opponents in any the conditions given below.

While serving, if the player steps across or on the service line.

  • Fail to serve ball successfully over the net
  • Any part of the player’s body touches the net while playing
  • Ball-handling mistakes like carrying, throwing, lifting, or double touching
  • Reaching out to attack the ball over the net before it passes the net’s vertical plane.
  • Serving out of order or rotation
  • Back row player attacks the ball from the front zone when the ball is totally above the net [during contact]. It is an illegal attack


To have a great game, you need to invest in the right sports equipment. For example, when you buy volleyball online, you need to choose the right ball based on the court. There are many variations in indoor, outdoor and beach volleyballs.

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