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Babolat I Pulse Blast Badmintion Racquet, Blue/Red

Babolat I Pulse Blast Badmintion Racquet, Blue/Red

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Babolat I Pulse Blast Badmintion Racquet, Blue/Red

The Babolat I-Pulse Blast Badminton racket uses the latest Ultra Aero Frame technology by using a beveled frame for the perfect balance between stiffness, head resistance and aerodynamics. The flex point has been alligned with the balance of the racket to give it a Kick Point, for greater accuracy but reduced vibrations.

ULTRA AERO FRAME: Check out the aerodynamic frame design, made with scalable sections to offer you the perfect balance between power and manoeuvrability.

OPTIMUM KICK POINT: The bottom of the shaft has been given increased stiffness to move the flexpoint higher. This specific position of the flexpoint increases the shaft’s stiffness and aids precision.

POWER:Need power to boost your game?Get it thanks to ultra aero frame technology. Discover an aerodynamic frame with scalable sections to give you extra power.

PRECISION: Because we know that without precision, power means nothing, we’ve created the perfect compromise.Optimum kick point technology has been designed to guarantee you greater precision, with a flexpoint higher up the shaft.

  • UnStrung Badminton Racquet
  • Material: HM Graphite
  • Blance: Head Heavy
  • Weight : 85g
  • Tension: 18-27lbs
  • Flexibility: Very Flexible
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