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Tynor Tennis/Golfer's Pro Elbow Support, Green

Tynor Tennis/Golfer's Pro Elbow Support, Green

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Tynor Tennis/Golfer's Pro Elbow Support, Green

This elbow support pro can be used by athletes who play a racquet sport, lift weight or any other sport that requires twisting movement.

Tynor Tennis/Golfer's Elbow Support Pro is a lovely forearm band that holds the forearm muscles and tendons in place during athletic activities. It's made for athletes who play racquet sports, lift weights, or engage in any other activity that causes stress on the forearm or requires a repetitive striking or twisting action. This basic yet attractive band is a must-have for preventing damage to the forearm's medial and lateral tendons. The gel pad provides cushioning, absorbs impact vibration, distributes pressure across tendons, and provides comfort.

  • In this supporter stress is relieved by the semi-rigid construction when striking or twisting repeatedly
  • This supporter can help prevent injury of forearm muscles and tendons by holding them in place by the reverse buckle mechanism
  • In this supporter, the forearm tendons are cushioned, and the massaging action of the gel pad improves blood flow
  • It has a customised fitting and compression with quality fabric and design
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