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HUNDRED X50 X-Fusion Hybrid Badminton Shuttlecock, Speed 76 (1 Tube)

HUNDRED X50 X-Fusion Hybrid Badminton Shuttlecock, Speed 76 (1 Tube)

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HUNDRED X50 X-Fusion Hybrid Badminton Shuttlecock, Speed 76 (1 Tube)

Introducing the X50 X-Fusion Hybrid Shuttlecock by HUNDRED - Elevate your badminton game with the perfect blend of innovation and performance.

🏸 3-in-1 Technology: Crafted with precision, the X50 X-Fusion Shuttlecock boasts a revolutionary combination of Cork, Fusion Nylon, and Natural Feather materials. This fusion creates a shuttlecock that delivers exceptional flight stability, durability, and an authentic feather-like feel on the court.

🏸 Feathered Excellence: Designed for players at the Club level and above, the X50 X-Fusion Shuttlecock embodies the true spirit of feathered shuttlecocks. Its natural feather skirt offers unmatched flight control and shuttlecock consistency, ensuring each shot is precise and dependable.

🏸 Hybrid Cork Base: The innovative Hybrid Cork Base strikes the perfect balance between traditional cork and modern materials. It provides a consistent bounce and superb durability, making it ideal for extended rallies and intense gameplay.

🏸 Lightning Speed: With a speed rating of 76, these shuttlecocks are tailor-made for competitive badminton. Whether you're smashing, dropping, or defending, the X50 X-Fusion Shuttlecock's optimal speed ensures that your game remains at its peak.

🏸 Pack of 12: Each purchase includes a generous pack of 12 X50 X-Fusion Shuttlecocks, ensuring you have more than enough to keep your games going for a long time.

Elevate your badminton experience with the X50 X-Fusion Hybrid Shuttlecock. With its unmatched combination of cork, fusion nylon, and natural feather, these shuttlecocks offer the perfect blend of speed, control, and durability. Elevate your game, choose HUNDRED, choose excellence.

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