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Yonex Mavis 10 Shuttle Cock (Yellow) - Blue Cap

Yonex Mavis 10 Shuttle Cock (Yellow) - Blue Cap

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Yonex Mavis 10 6X1 Nylon Shuttlecock (Blue/Yellow)
  • Developed using the flight timing of feather shuttlecocks, Mavis Nylon shuttlecocks are precision designed and manufactured to provide accurate flight performance
  • When smashed, a Mavis shuttlecock recovers in only 0.02 seconds. This performance is just 0.005 seconds slower than a Yonex Feather shuttlecock and 0.08 seconds faster than the recovery of an ordinary shuttlecock
  • Box contents: 6 shuttlecocks

Mavis 10 Nylon Shuttlecocks by Yonex

Keep your Eyes on the Trophy!

When you play with a brand like yonex, you will always be at the top of your game. Tireless research and a constant strive to perfection are at the core of all yonex products, and the yonex mavis 10 nylon shuttlecock is a prime example of the company’s innovation. The close-to-feather construction and in-flight stability of this shuttlecock combine the advantages of top-notch performance and incredible longevity, thus making they yonex mavis series the most cost-effective choice for practice sessions.

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